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The Passion of the Something-or-Other

My friend Ken went to see The Passion of the Christ this weekend. He tells me it isn’t all that gory. I suppose it’s a good movie too, from what I’ve heard. I will probably wait until it’s out on DVD though, as I absolutely despise attending movies at the theater. I just can’t sit still for all the long and, if I can somehow muster the strength to sit still for hours on end, I hate the thought of sitting through most movies. They just aren’t that good. Either that, or my attention span is just really all that short.

Somebody I work with has just come by and started me talking about leather jackets and the like. Ok, I admit it. Being a veggie, I should not really condone leather clothing. But there’s just something about a good leather jacket. I managed to get him to run away though, when I mentioned the words, “leather chaps.” Now I’m totally distracted, thinking about leather chaps and, well, a certain part of the anatomy (I’ll leave you to guess which.)

Today, he was bored, so I got him taking these personality type tests I found on the net. I knew about the Myers-Briggs type of tests, but then we happened across this other one, to which I took a great deal of offense. It told me I was a sexual (I guess, combined with the context of the “leather chaps,” it’s probably right) type and I was prone to substance abuse. I just don’t see it (despite the occassional, brief contemplation of leather chaps, I rarely think of such things.) In hindsight, I guess you could say I am, seeing as I’m sitting here now writing about leather chaps and all. But still, I didn’t agree with the test results.

I also read the astro profile for my sun sign and that doesn’t fit me at all. I’m just not the person they describe in the little “blurbs” about scorpios or sexual types, or, I suppose, typical substance abusers. I guess this is a societal attempt at typing us all and, in my case anyway, it backfires. I just don’t fit the mold. Sure, I have type and substance, it’s just not in as neat a little package as the pundits would like. I do somewhat agree with the Myers-Briggs assesment, in so much as I’m strongly typed to certain traits. The MB type indicators dictate that I’m of a strong perspective nature, which in turn dictates that I change topics of conversation frequently (almost hop around wildly.) Reading this blog, one could assert this as fact and so I would have to say that, for the most part, my MBTI type holds to a certain degree. Don’t ask me to make a list, for I won’t. Expect me to change the topic of conversation, be rather abstract but fall back upon logic and reason, be somewhat shy in social situations, and the like. That’s just my MBTI and my passion talking, I suppose.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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