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It’s Bloggisimo Baby!

Today I went to one of the astro advice sites, just to see what they say about me. I’m always curious about these sorts of things, even though you can’t really say I’m a believer. Just for grins, I used HIS birthday. We match at 70% on the “love meter” thing-a-ma-bob. Aren’t you glad you know this? I mean, where, just where would you be without this information.

Earlier this evening, I was watching Trading Spaces and now I have a special treat for those of you who are just dying to know more about HIM. If you watch TS, if you really watch TS, they sometimes have a designer named “Barry.” Barry is very much like HIM. Suprisingly so much like HIM, it’s almost eery. I suppose this is why I could never get used to Barry, being a newer designer and all; it always seemed like there was something about him. And now I realize, it’s actually something about HIM. Except for Barry’s nasal voice, he’s very much like HIM (looks like HIM, walks like HIM, reminds me of HIM, etc.) So, rather than me tell you more about HIM, just watch TS and check out Barry. (As an aside, I believe that Barry, in “real life,” is gay. FWIW, and I’m not sure why this matters, but somehow I felt I just had to tell you. Now you know.)

Yes, I know it’s a rare and unusual Sunday evening blogger entry but I cannot sleep. I had some iced tea earlier and now the caffeine has kicked in. No sleep for me this evening, I suppose. Rather than watch TS re-runs infinitely on my tele, I decided I would blog the night away.

My computer at home is acting up too. I cannot seem to get the DVD drive open. It’s closed and appears to be staying that way. I’m going to have to do the old paper clip trick, and I’m really not looking forward to this. Sigh. Don’t they make anything that just works anymore? Must everthing be so damned hard and broken all the time?

I haven’t listened to much music this weekend at all, despite the best attempts of SXSW. The local media has found it newsworthy that a grammy award winning band was arrested in downtown Austin for forming a Conga line and marching through the streets, violating a noise ordinance at 2 am last week. How interesting. It all has me tempted to enter the upcoming auditions for The Apprentice. I’d love to get on that show and get fired. It would be the highlight of my life, I suppose. You’re Fired! Gotta love it. But somehow, I doubt I could be off selling lemonaid or peddling socks or the like. I’m not even certain of what they have the idiots do on the show. Reality TV, apart from TS, has grown boring to me, and even TS is beginning to loose it’s luster. Just how many houses can you trash, in the name of “decoration” anyway? But, oh what I wouldn’t give to be able to say, “Hildi, You’re Fired!”

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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