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It’s all about your Screen Name

No, I’m not about to thank the academy and all but today somebody asked me what he should select for a screen name. “Cool words,” was my response. So now he’s probably going to go off and become SycamoreBill or some such thing, all thanks to me and the idiot ideas running around inside of my little world.

My screen names are boring. They are more than boring, they making boring screen names look less dull. I always choose something incredibly common like “carolxxxx” where xxxx is my birthday or some other easily remembered number. What a crock. I should be so much more exciting. Afterall, I am an exciting person, so why should I have such a horribly dull screen name? Makes no sense but then, I guess it has a good side too, as none of the flakes and nuts seem to pester me. Maybe they figure I’m much too boring to be pestered.

Speaking of boring, tonight I have to leave work early (well, early for me anyhow) because I have to go to a homeowner’s meeting. You would think I would be all happy and excited about going to this, seeing as I’m all happy and excited about being a homeowner, but I’m not. I hate these type of meetings. Aside from being very boring, they always make me depressed somehow. Like I hear about all the crime and the joys of having a sex offender in the ‘hood and I get all swelled with pride or something. Tonight I’m going to be especially rude and stop off at Schlotzsky’s to get dinner. And, yes, I’m going to bring it into the room with me and eat through the meeting. Sorry but, I can’t help myself. I really like Schlotzsky’s and miss going there from my Ci2i days. I used to eat there a bit, when I could walk over and get something at odd hours of the day and night. Was fun to do, although I usually went over there with Kanchan, who succeeded in driving Ken absolutely nuts at random intervals throughout the day. I can still almost hear her voice, “Ken. Ken. Ken. You want a sandwich on a big bun??? Hey Ken. I’m talking to yooooouuuuu…”

Speaking of big buns, I need to stop talking about leather chaps. Period. I have this strange recurring dream involving a certain article of clothing and, well, I’m just not ready to share quite yet, so I have to stop talking about it. Maybe someday I’ll feel more comfortable but, until then, it’s going to go down in same column as the true identity of HIM. You just don’t need to know that tidbit of information. In fact, come to think of it, everything you really need to know about me is in my screen name.

If Elvis were still alive, what screen name would he have? Now there’s a question for you.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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