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Sex in the Shopping Mall

Barbara Walters, Diana Sawyer, or one of the other “news notables” is having an interview featuring the gals from Sex in the City. They are sitting in some shopping center-looking kind of place, really some kind of outdoor pavilion, talking about the show. One of them starts crying. They probe into the impending “end of the era episode.” This whole interview really has me crazy. I mean, we have a war going on in Iraq, a primary election to be held, the city of San Francisco has been issuing same sex marriage licenses much to the dismay of the voters of CA, we have a rover on mars, and all sorts of other “real” news on which to comment. And what does Barbara do? Interview the chicks from Sex in the City, glorifying their last episode.

Aren’t these the same women who go about complaining, bitching, and griping, that “women aren’t taken as seriously as men” and that there aren’t enough women in science? That women journalists have to “overcome some glass ceiling” which their male counter-parts don’t? So what exactly are they doing about the problem? Interviewing Sarah Jessisa Parker about her “fab” role on Sex in the City and prying to see if she will reveal the secrets of “Mr. Big.” Yeah, that sounds about par for the course. Here’s a hint: if you want to be taken seriously, you should cover more serious topics, ladies. We know you’re smart enough, we know your capable, you’re just intent on demonstrating to the universe that you can be all things to everybody. That you have “the cool factor” so you have to be able to interview a NASA scientist one day and Sarah Jessica the next. Don’t bother. If you want fluff, go ahead and have your fluff. But don’t try to push off on us that you’re really “serious journalists” under the covers. We ain’t buying. Like Jack said, “Go sell crazy somewhere else.”

For those of you who thought that this blog would be about sex during a Presiden’ts Day sale: shame on you. Shame on you for tuning into this silly “fluff” we keep airing on TV. Shame on you for having those oh-so-dirty-minds. Shame on you for laughing at Mr. Big, whoever he is, and drooling over Sarah Jessisa Parker’s $600 shoes.

Actually, I know of Mr. Big, as he once played the part of a detective on Law and Order. I know Mr. Big, I’ve seen Mr. Big and, friends, you are not Mr. Bigs. Go back to your petty differences, your soap operas, and you hip hop, your wannabe lifestyles. Think fast, a suburban shopping mall is missing you. Act now, you may have already won….

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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