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It’s Valentine’s Day, Have an Olive

So, once again, I’ve had an exhausting Saturday, driving all over the universe on my quest for the ultimate home improvement project, waiting, matching colors, picking out tile, and the like. I’m tired. You can’t say you blame me, I’ve had a big day.

It snowed in River City this morning and I, pretty much, slept through it. Yes, another blizzard chalked up to the “yawn” factor. I instead got up late, let the dog out, noticed the melting sn*w, and then jumped in the shower. I was running late and didn’t eat lunch until after noon, which makes my mother have some kind of fit. But that’s a blogger for another day.

So, we drove to tile place, met with Dreaded Tile Man again, and picked out more tile. We added up more “pricings,” I looked at carpet and the like, and then we stopped at Olive Garden on the way home. I ate way too much Chicken Marsala and spent the afternoon packing and getting ready for Dreaded Tile Installation, which begins on Wednesday.

I really have quite a lot of work to do between now and then. If I stopped to add up all the hours, there’s really not all that many, so I’m really starting to stress about the whole “tile” thing. Sure, once it’s finished, it’ll be great and I’m sure I’ll love it but, until then, I’m going to be a complete basket case. That and, if you see me, please tell me I’ve to do laundry. I have so much of it piled up, I just don’t know what to do with it. Laundy here, laundry there, it’s nuts.

Did you ever notice that they don’t really grow olives at Olive Garden? There’s no garden and there’s no real olives to speak of. That and today I noticed that my tile seems to have olives in it. Yes, it’s true, I’ve got some hand-painted tile that looks like it has pepper or chiles or something, one that looks like it has olives, and ones that’s just sort of blue.

I’m starting to see olives now in the strangest of places. One would almost think I was drunk or something. One too many martinis, perhaps? Whatever happened to cocktail onions anyway? Why do they put olives in drinks anyway?

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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