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RIP Maxwell Silver Hammer

Sad news today. It seems Maxwell, AKA “Maxwell Silver Hammer” better known as Mom’s dog, had to be put down. He was suffering from Cushing’s Disease and was losing weight, was unable to swallow, couldn’t stand up, and the like. He was 14 and a half. We got him as a puppy of about six months from two ladies living together in Mass. who thought he had gotten too big to use their cat door. They were more “used to” cats, but wanted Max to have a good home. (Yes, if you must know, they were gay and did keep several cats in their shared home. They named him, in case you couldn’t figure it out, after the Beatles song.)

He survived several cold winters in NH, along with one time getting stuck under my patio deck in the frozen dead of winter. He made the trip down to Texas in the back of my parent’s sports car, although this did not surprise me, as he loved to travel, especially in the car. He used to go every day to get the mail with my father, sitting in the front seat, barking at anything out of the ordinary. He loved kids and hated cats. He will be missed.

No word yet on how Charlie is taking this. The past week or so, Max’s been pretty sick and we’ve kept yelling at him. “Get away from Max,” and “leave him alone,” have become standard musings around the house lately so, no doubt, Charlie’s initial reaction will be curiosity. He’ll probably run into Mom’s house, like he always does, run to the back door, to be let out, come back in, take a big drink of water, again like always, and then sniff about, wondering where “puff Daddy” went off to. (If you must know, Charlie’s rap name is “Scooter.”)

Max and Charlie were an odd couple. Charlie was a friendly sort of dog, the kind of dog happy to know you but wanting always to be pet or fed. Max was rather stand-offish. He tolerated Charlie, although you could say he was rather fond of him, as he did actually tolerate him. He didn’t bark so readily at poor Charles, despite the fact that Charlie was always jumping and smelling about. This was Max’s own little way of liking him, however, seeing as Max would bark loudly at the slightest of provocation.

Max, I hope there’s dog biscuits where you are. And lots of cats for you to bark at. Woof.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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