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Mating Habits of Ostrich and Other Journal Entries

I’ve concluded that, if I ever want to become “non-single” (not that I do, mind you, I’m “just saying”) I would have to study extensively the mating habits of the ostrich. Yes, it’s true. There’s little ole me, with head firmly planted in the ground. Whenever anything “pops” up, whenever any possible cabana boy comes along, I just plant my cranium firmly into terra firma (or should that be terror firmer?) and hope that danger passes.

So, this has me thinking. What exactly are the mating habits of the ostrich? How do they attract each other if they’re always running around with their heads in the sand? Maybe there are a lot of single ostriches out there and I just don’t know it? Hmmmm. I’ll have to google.

And, have you noticed that the old saying, “Hmmm. I’ll have to get back to you on that” has now officially been replaced with, the newer, more “hip” and happening, “Hmmmm. I’ll have to google.” Do please notice too that there are now four “m” in my Hmmmm’s. Anything less would be old-fashioned. Not that I’m an old fashioned kind of girl, mind you, but I’m “just saying.”

Ha! They probably mate at like blindingly fast speeds with feathers flying. Maybe they ram into each other like goats. Yeah, that’d be my guess. And speaking of guessing, I’m guessing that you’ve noticed there are now comments available throughout this weblog. Yes, it’s true, you can “go back in time” and comment on my old blogger entries. I always feel kind of peculiar digging through my old journal entries. Sometimes, I feel like it isn’t even me I’m readying about. Like I’m sneaking a peek into somebody else’s world. Yes, that’s me, once again, reduced to a spectator status. But, I suppose I did have something to do with it all. If nothing else, it was fun for a while and, unlike some folks as of late, I do remember what fun is.

Have you seen the new Aflac commerical with the animated duck? He runs around with Bugs Bunny and Wily E. in toonland. At one point, they show him falling off a cliff and yelling, “Aflaaaaaaac” on the way down. Trouble is, ducks know how to fly. Not that ostrichs do. Hmmmm. Somebody should tell the folks at Aflac (and the duck, for that matter.)

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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