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It’s So, Like, Obvious

When you think about the blogger community and all the brackets running around in the great land of HTML, do you ever think that much of the content of most weblogs is, in fact, obvious? Just when you think you’ve seen it all, do you happen upon something more interesting? Sometimes I feel like my blogger content is so obvious, so lacking in direction, so boring but then, BAM, comes along an email telling me somebody new is reading the weblog or how I should talk about this or that, or “did you hear….” This makes me feel like you’re watching, your engaging, your wanting to contribute, which makes it more fun for me, which in turn makes me create more obvious content (and possibly some that’s no so.)

Sometimes there’s genius in the obvious. Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to say what is plain in front of our faces but that which nobody wants to admit. Sometimes, the turn of a word, the lathe of a sentence can crystallize our thoughts and bring them together into some kind of collective gel that, for one brief moment, harmonizes. I wish I were that kind of wordsmith but, hey, I do the best that I can with what I have. And so too do most of the weblogs out there. I’ve said it before, I think there’s room in the blogging universe for all types of weblogs, not just the DaveBarry.com sites or those created by the most gifted writers in society.

But all of this leads me to ask what more would you like to see? What are some of your favorite web logs? What are some of your favorite web sites? And what attracted you to them? It’s a curious world, this web we weave. As an aside, I’ve recently starting thinking about putting some of my photography on this site. Sure it might have to change, if not programatically then stylistically, but isn’t that all just part of being on the web? We get dynamic content and get to live it up while others are busy downloading.

I’m looking for an easy way to include some of my work into this blogger without disrupting the usual flow of things, plus also I have all the technical crap to content with. I don’t want to host pictures on my own site. I would really like to display about 10-15 images but it may grow over time. Sigh. It’s just too much to think about right now, so I’ll probably pass, but the thought is there. One of the fun things about blogger is that you can always think about what it is, plus what it could be. And you know I’m always open to suggestions.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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