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My Entirely Non-Boring Blog about a Grilled Cheese Sandwich or How Not to Blog for Beginners

So I was reading this article written by some lady who critiques web logs for a living (yes, I actually just typed that) and, in the article, she declares something along the lines of, “One should never blog about food. I mean who wants to hear that you ate a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch today?” This made me stop and think (which, in itself is rather hard to do, but that’s a blogger entry for another day.) When I was but a youngin in a drunken stupor, ahem, I mean “college,” I was told by my creative writing teacher something along the lines of, “a good writer can write about anything and make it sound interesting. A bad writer will write about something interesting and make it sound boring.” All of this leads me to today’s bloger entry devoted to grilled cheese sandwiches everywhere.

She was too small to actually reach the stove, but she could tug on the kitchen towel, hanging from the refridgerator door, just hard enough to swing open the icy vault and peer inside. Standing on her toes, she peeked into the meat compartment to glare at the yellow cheese. Today was a special day. She aced her math test and Mom was going to make her a fancy treat to celebrate. The butter slid around the worn frying pan, carefully coating the edges as it glided around, melting slowly from the heat. The toaster popped out several slices of bread, which were slightly darker on one side, but still not dark enough to be burnt. The cheese was placed between the toast and a pancake flipper pressed the bread down into the butter. After a few minutes, she watched as Mom flipped the sandwich over and she turned towards the table to wait for her snack. The bread pulled apart easily even though the innards of the sandwich were all warm and gooey. The butter thinly coated the outside of the bread evenly and the cheese was cooked just enough to bubble out as she bit into it. She ate her grilled cheese sandwich with a smile, enjoying every last morsel. No need to pressure her to join the “clean plate club” today, she gobbled her lunch down and ran outside to play in the snow.

I love grilled cheese sandwiches. Always have. Ever since I was a kid. I can remember eating them in the kitchen of our family home in NY. Especially on a cold winter’s day, there was something about the heat coming off the hot buttered frying pan, something about “helping” Mom in the kitchen with the “cooking” that made me feel all grown-up, yet still delighted as a child to enjoy the finished product. Sure grilled cheese is familiar and that may make it boring to some. And I guess some would relegate me unto the world of the “boring” but, in Carol’s Little World, grilled cheese is the official sandwich treat. Always has been always will be.

Makes me wonder how long the “web critique” lady will be gainfully employed. And really makes me wonder whatever happened to that creative writing teacher. Hmmm. Come to think of it, I think his name was like John Grisham or something. (Just kidding, just kidding.)

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off and grilling cheese.


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