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It’s a HOT Topic

So, I got this new coffee pot/coffee maker thing over the weekend for the office. It’s turned into a hot topic as of late. We’re on this quest, you see, to brew the perfect brew of coffee. I don’t know how it started, but we’re off, and we’re not about to stop anytime soon. At least not until the caffeine drip has perked me into the next millenium.

We started talking about how the existing coffee pots were too far away. How we had to walk down a loooong hallway to get way “over there” where the coffee lives. About how the coffee at work just tastes so….well….BLAH. Then one day we turn around, and nothing but the finest arabica will do. Yup. Welcome to the land of the coffee snob. Where only the finest Colombian will suffice. Say Hello to Mr. Juan Valdez himself as you stroll past the printer and into my cluttered office. You would think that, if I actually had access to Mr. Valdez, that I would not need post it’s everwhere and I might be able to actually find my car keys, but that’s a blogger entry for another day.

So, I got one of these coffee pots that take little bags called (don’t laugh) Java Pods and turns them into coffee (I can hear you laughing. Stop that.) The one concern that we all seem to have is that availability of these (don’t laugh) Java Pods (stop it, damn you.) But, I’ve googled it and it turns out that the sell the pods (Stop It!) at Amazon, Wal Mart, and Starbucks. Which kind of makes them “ordinary pods” I suppose (Enough already!)

And, speaking of google and Amazon, did you know that Amazon has turned into a googlewhack! Yes, it’s true. Do a search for amazon.com in google and note that only one result comes back. That is, if you don’t count this blogger entry. Which could sway your actual results, so the usual disclaimer about “actual mileage may vary” applies to google as well as it does to the automotive industry. Ah yes, the automotive industry. The place where they sometimes build “real” pods. (HA! HA! Fooled you.)

To add to the list of things you are not supposed to do: bad coffee. Sorry but life’s entirely too short for motor oil disguised as java. And don’t try to search google for Java Pod. You’ll end up with all kinds of programming results. Stuff like “How Java and C++ interact with SMTP” kind of stuff. Definately no googlewhacks there. I guess Java, in whatever format, really is a HOT topic.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off and not doing it.


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