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I’m not as boring as I think I am

OK, I admit it. I’m boring. Not just boring, but really, really, king kah-ma-a-ma-ah, living in suburbia driving a mini-van boring. Nevermind the fact that I don’t actually have a mini-van, stick with me on this. My three favorite topics are Trading Spaces, high technology, and my dog Charlie. If you should happen across me at a coctail party and start to socialize, I would mention one of these three topics and you would cut a bee line for the patte or the open bar faster than Grant took Richmond. I know it’s true, but I’m relegated to the fact that I’m boring and I can be a happy boring person. Here I sit, all happy and content in my boring suburbia driving my boring non-mini van, drinking my cheap tequila, and playing an occassional game of snooker, which is incredibly boring unless you are the eight ball.

Is it even possible for somebody like me to be so totally socially unacceptable yet still quite so spectacularly boring? I think so. I think being creative and having a really great creative outlet does not negate ones “boringness” if such a thing existed. Yes, it’s true. You can be creative and spontaneous and fun-loving, while still cultivating an ever so boring side. But, at least I’m not crazy. OK, maybe not THAT crazy. Sound better?

But then I look around and I see folks who are way more boring than I am. I mean, I do get out and I have all the pictures to prove it. So how do you explain this boring factor? How do you rate somebody on the boring scale? What exactly makes boring, well, so boring? Is it a lack of interest? Don’t interesting people lose interest in some things? If so, how can you say they are boring? Is it because I’m not on the Atkins diet? Is being a vegetarian innately more boring than being Atkins? Is it a lack of knowledge on all topics current? How does knowing current evenings make one “non boring?” Is it the type of music you listen to? The type of car you drive? The dwelling in which you choose to live? Your wardrobe?

All of this boring talk has me wondering. Kind of like that old “if a tree fell in the forest…” dealio, it has me asking…if a really, really boring person bored a bunch of other boring people, would anybody really be bored at all?

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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