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I’m Tired

OK, I admit it, I like to complain. I mean, nobody listens and it’s probably a very unattractive trait, but still there’s something nice about getting it off your chest and all. I don’t know what it is, but I sometimes enjoy it. I bitch and moan about all sorts of things, without respect for whomever happens to be listening. I just do. Don’t know why, maybe I’ve always just done it that way, but there’s something cathartic about complaining. It makes me feel better. Like, somehow if I can channel my problems onto you, I won’t feel quite as bad.

Lately, I’ve been surrounded a lot by complainers. Everybody’s always complaing to me how they hate this and they hate that. Like I’m a giant crying towel, I just sit, listen, and take it all in. I suppose it’s the price of admission for dishing it out for so long. I mean, truthfully, I’ve still dished out far more complaints than I’ve had to take in recent months. But lately something’s happened to me. I find myself not wanting to complain myself so much. Maybe all the chatter from other folks has finally made me realize how unattractive and childish complaining really is. Maybe I’ve finally jumped through all the mental hoops to realize that, if you sit there and complain without doing anything about the problem, you don’t really solve anything. I don’t know. But lately, I’ve had this incredible urge to just walk up to people and say, “quit yer bitchin and moaning already. Go do something productive with your life, while you have the chance.” Maybe it’s maturity or just stupidity. I don’t know. But I want to stop complaining.

So now that I’ve meta-blogged about all my complaining, what am I going to do? You guessed it; complain. OK, so here goes….

I’m tired. I think this past week of painting my house really did me in. Between staying up all Saturday night, moving furniture and boxes, and taping off my room, plus actually slothering the paint all over the walls, I’m tired. I haven’t been sleeping well and I’m grouchy, but I’m actually too tired to be grouchy. It takes some energy to be a grouch and, right now anyway, I don’t have any energy to spare. I really just want to sleep in all day. Do nothing more than put on a pair of sweats (or shorts! It’s been nice outside) and lounge about the house pretending to eat bon bons and play my guitar or something. Maybe watch Jerry Springer and Trading Spaces re-runs all day long, without leaving the house, and without actually doing anything. Maybe I’ve been too productive and I really just want to kick back and snooze for a day. Can I do that? Do I have your permission? Gosh, I hope so. I mean, I don’t even have enough energy to even complain really. I’m too tired. Although, I guess in hindsight, I’m not too tired to blog about it. But then again, typing just involves moving the fingers and they never get tired. At least not as tired as the rest of me.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off and contemplating catching some serious Zzzzzz’s.


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