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Bad Art and Timex Watches

OK, so what is bad art anyway? Isn’t art supposed to teach us that there is no “right” and no “wrong” only what we feel or perceive. Our viewpoints, however incorrect someone else may label them, are our own. We cherish them and celebrate them; therefore, they are the vision that we possess. If we were to admit to being “wrong” it would be like criticizing our inner child. He’s never WRONG, he’s just there and sometimes it’s better for both of us if we ignore him.

So as not to get too philosophical on you, I will now change the subject to something completely shallow. Tomorrow is the grand opening of the Nordstrom’s store in Austin, TX. It’s a big day for some people. They have a piano player there and a coffee bar. Plus it’s like the world’s biggest shoe store. Hmmm. I’ll be going, but only for the social aspects of it. A group of women I work with are getting together in a mini-van and going down there to check it out. I think it will be fun, if only to spend time with my co-workers. I’m not really interested in the store, although I could really use a new watch.

Speaking of watches, I used to buy a timex and keep it for ages. Recently, my Timex, which I purchased last year, broke. It’s not supposed to do that. I thought Timex were the watches that “take a licking and keep on ticking?!?” If that’s the case, then why must I invest in a new one? And, if I do invest in a new watch, should I really get another Timex? I’m really at a loss here because, Timex is one of the least expensive watches you can buy but should I really support their shoddy quality buy continually buying watches that break? And I say this knowing that I am exceptionally hard on watches. I think there is a pet elephant somewhere who’s had the same Timex for like 20 years. And, being an elephant, I bet he never forgets what time it is and doesn’t really need at watch anyway.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off .


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