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The Sun always Shines in CyberSpace

So, I’ve been working for Sun for almost a month now. Still liking it. It has somewhat of a “big company” feel but there is also a sense of start-up. It feels like I’ll be able to actually contribute to a project, instead of just putting along with one that’s going out the door. I always felt like I was never actually contributing to the bottom line of a project at other big comapnies where I’ve worked in the past. I have always felt sort of “puttery,” especially at really big shops, like IBM.

Speaking of IBM, I guess there’s a big article in the paper this morning about the Beamer-factory. I’m guessing that it’s not called “The Folks who Ate Tivoli and Spit out Dot Com Seeds” but it was enough to send my sister, Ellen, into a tizzy. Now I actually feel like I must read this, to find out what all the fuss is about. I’m guessing our useless media rag has determined that it is time to kiss some high-tech booty, so they have decided to portrait the Beamer-factor in a rather favorable light. What’s it like to really work there? I’ll never tell. I disavow any knowledge of their existance.

It’s still been hot here lately, although the hurricanes are beginning to stack up in the gulf. I always feel ambivalent this time of year. I mean, is it selfish to want a hurricane to come this way so I can get some rain, while the folks at the coast get clobbered? Hmmm. I’m hoping that this will be a “good” one in that it will only be like a category I and not do any actual damage to the coast, just turn into nice, soaking rain showers, which would be good for everybody. Maybe it could take out a boat along the shore, just to provide the news media with something to do. Yeah, that’s a plan. Take out the boat of somebody who can afford a new one anyway. But not one of those old wooden ones. Those are too cool.

Speaking of wooden boats and the coast, you may know that my initials are in fact “CJ.” When I was a child, I used to sit by the ocean and dream of a great bird that would migrate towards the sea and swoop down to guard all the boats. I thought there was a bird called a “seajay” that flew out and about, and maybe hugged a cliff or became a sentry along the coast. Just imagine some impressive plume of feathers flying out like an albatross, standing watch, and maybe resting on a lighthouse somewhere along the shore.

Turns out there *is* a bird called a “seajay” but it’s less than six inches big and it’s basically a poop machine and a general annoyance to anybody within a 50 mile radius of the ocean. Ah, another childhood dream gone the way of the slinky.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off and refusing to grow up despite the birds.

PS I have successfully rid myself of the swallows but purchasing a rather large and ugly plastic owl which is now a semi-permanent resident of my front porch. Ain’t that a hoot!?!


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