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Eat it if you can

The home show was a blast. We walked all around and looked at stuff in all the booths. They had some really cool garden displays. We sat through a few “celebrity” talks and then I went over to Kathy’s opening at the new gallery. We saw this “wall wizard” guy who, when referring to paint as a toxic chemical said, if you can eat it, you can wear it. This became, somehow, the motto for the day. I suppose my retort would be “dude, eat it if you can!” Ty said some funny stuff too. His hair was, um, spikier than usual, which I didn’t think was gravitationally possible but, hey, if you can’t eat it and you wear it, I suppose it might make your hair stand on end. Moral of the story: bring your own snacking items and wear it well, baby.

So, here are my answers, in no particular order:

1. Any web page…probably would be photography-related. Somehow. Dunno exactly what. HE said he would design “the world’s best GUI.” Cool.

2. The road to Machu Pichu (sp?) In a convertible. It’d be a death wish but, hey you only live once. And I’m dying to go there. HE said the autobahn in a Ferrari. Typical. A little too typical for HIM. Maybe he’s getting bland in his old age.

3. London. Or maybe Rome. HE said NY. (I’m from there and I can’t cheat on my own questions!)

4. HE said Jesus. Actually HE said, “Jesus, I don’t know…”

5. Somebody in my family, if I could. HE said his Mom.

So, I went downtown last week and it’s making me want to photograph more. I’m always mentally photographing, if for nothing else than the practice. I see birds in busted out windows. I see fire escapes. I see inner city dwellings with silent signs of life. It makes me want to photograph for real. But yet, I cannot. I have to wait until the precise moment when the pressure from the desire has built up. For it’s only at this moment that I will produce my best work. And I do feel that, while my work is improving, my best work is yet to come. It sits in a place, deep down inside my sub-conscience, waiting for me to release it. It’s there, next to my strong, imbred desire for Doritoes and all things mod. Really, it is. Speaking of Doritoes, I’m hungry. It’s time for dinner. Maybe I should put a pot over my head. If you can eat it, you can wear it, right?

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off and eating more than her share.


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