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Long Time No Write

If it isn’t one thing…it’s another. First I had the flu. Damn nearly killed me. Then, we had a big release at work and I got caught up in “feeds” which, for all purposes, can translate into “I got fed.” But, I’m back now. At least I think so. Still have a hacking cough. Hopefully this will go away.

Strangest thing happened to HIM. Yes, it’s true. Maybe it was the high fever that accompanied the flu but…get ready for this….I have replaced HIM. It’s a new, improved HIM. Another HIM. I suppose, to avoid confusion, I should call HIM (ahem, the “new” one) HE2 or some such thing. Still haven’t worked out the details on THAT mess.

I got the new Frontgate catalog and it seems they have a fooz table that it suited for the great outdoors. It’s water proof and everything. Only problem? It’s $750. But, hey, it might be worth the price. I could put it in my yard. I’m having a ceiling fan put in to cool the patio. It just may work with a fooz table under it.


Just don’t call me “little blue Carol”

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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