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Sick and Tired but Kind of Lucky Anyway

Seems I finally got the first cold of the season. My nose has been running and I think I’m running a slight fever. I’m taking up my share of tissues at work while listening to Laurie Sargent. I was supposed to go to Fry’s this weekend and get my hub, so I could setup my digital darkroom, but I wasn’t feeling up to it, so instead I crashed at my folks house for most of the weekend. It was nice, and sunny, despite the cold. I will try to go to Fry’s at some point soon.

I went to Tai Chi yesterday and had an OK workout. She worked us hard, for a Tai Chi class actually. We work up quite a sweat, which is surprising but good for us. I think Steve is enjoying the classes.

I can’t believe they killed The Lone Gunman last night on the X Files. I missed the first part of it, but they ended up dead. Which, I suppose, is worse off than I have been feeling. I suppose I should feel lucky. Kind of like that old joke, “this is my dog. He has three legs, no tail, and one ear. We call him LUCKY….”

Ken, it seems had fun at the BBQ. That’s good. Ken’s blogger indicates that Ted is up to something. Hide your women and children, he’s at his old tricks again.

Saw my cute neighbor yesterday. He was out doing his grass. And such nice grass it is too. He has a cute house. Not too big, but not too small. Probably the same size as mine, except that it has a gameroom and it’s 2 story. I wish I had a gameroom. Then I could play pool. That’s one of the things I miss the most about back east. The pool tables. Don’t get me wrong, the ocean was kinda nice too.

But, I’m just happy to be LUCKY. Like the doggie. And the cigarettes. Without the strikes.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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