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Weekends’ Happenings

It was quite a weekend. First there was a tornado in West Texas. Glad it missed Cedar Park and South Austin.

Ken sent me an email telling me he was in a car wreck on Saturday, down in San Antonio. Apparantly, the roads were slick and he fishtailed and hit a guard rail. Luckily, there were no serious injuries, but he’s driving a rental now and hoping they will fix his truck.

I signed up for Tai Chi classes at the Buddhist Temple on Loop 360. Check out the web site here for more details. I attended my first class. It was fun, very relaxing. The temple is beautiful. I took some photographs, but I will have to go back and re-photograph it again when the weather is nice. I hope my picture of the golden Buddha comes out at least.

I got my tax refund and I’ll be buying some digital darkroom equipment shortly. I have to get photo mailers too, as I’ve been shooting a bit. I went down south on Saturday, even though the weather was crappy. I got to use a friend’s darkroom and enjoy some time in the dark with her work.

I saw HIM yesterday, for a short time. HE’s doing well. Enjoying life as a single person and happy they are not laying off at the place where HE works. They had some massive layoffs there this time last year and HE’s just happy he survived the cut. HE said HE got moved around and re-org’ed a bit but HIS job is still in tact. We were checking out monster.com and several other job-related web sites and were both happy to find that there were some job postings. It seems a lot of places are hiring temporary help, so they do not have to turn around and layoff again, but they have started hiring, slowly but surely.

Listening to Dire Straits at work. Good for a Monday morning. “Once upon a time in the west” could have been written about Austin, many years ago, I suppose.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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