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Hardcore for a Friday Afternoon

It’s happy Friday again. This past week really felt like a long one. I have decided that my new buggy needs a new name. I think I am going to name it something with a reference to “youth” because of the fact that I keep hearing P.O.D.’s Youth of the Nation on the radio and because a lot of folks have commented that it “makes me look young” (whatever this means, I dunno). Perhaps it’s a nice way of saying I’m getting too old to drive a sporty car. So, for names, I’m thinking something along the lines of youngblood or lil’ coupe. Something like that. I will think of something final and post it here.

I was going to rip Ken for mailing me the answers to the questions below and not actually blogging them, but then I realized I never answered them myself. HA! So much for making fun of Ken. In other news, Ken would be proud of me today. I’m listening to some hardcore music. The P.O.D. thing had me wanting to download the song and then, being the artiste that I am, I had to make a playlist for my winamp at work that included nothing but hardcore stuff. At least it’s hardcore by my stands, which are, admittedly, quite wimpy.

These are my pics so far:

P.O.D. – Youth of the Nation

Nelly – Take a Ride with me

Eminem – the real Slim Shady (X Rated Version)

Bush – Glycerine

NIN – several tracks including Sanctified and Head like a Hole

Perl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter

STP – Interstate Love Song

Granted these are not my final pics, as I’m still working on the list, but it’s a start. I’d like to add some Alice Cooper, maybe Only Women Bleed, as I really like that song. I love it when folks get out of Dorian and Lydian modes and venture off into the great unknown, or less obvious musical realms. Oh wait, I can’t really talk about this kind of music too seriously. It’s kind of like punk. If you take it seriously, you don’t get to take it with you. I suppose that’s how it works. I was an ok guitar player, except for the fact that I cannot bang my head. It’s a shame too, because I used to have a lot of hair. It would have looked good if I could ever figure out how to do it. But, at least I could play. That’s all that’s really supposed to matter anyway.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off, and feeling quite “un-Dorian” if that’s even a word.


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