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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

The time has come, it seems, for me to purchase a new automobile. The car I currently own (drive, paid for, etc.) is a 1988 Honda Accord Coupe. It’s a bit old and, even though it’s running, I figure it’s a good time to get a new one.

I remember the day I got my Accord. It was raining in NH and the dealer met me at the Sheraton Tara Hotel in Nashua. The car seemed a bit zippy and was kind of cute. It was white with black trim and just the right size. I got it new and put 80,000 miles on it. It came to Texas with me in 1992 and I’ve moved at least two times in it. It’s a good sized car, not too big but big enough to hold some of my friends. I suppose I will miss it, although I will enjoy getting a new one. I will probably still have a white one, but the new one will be clean, at least for a short time. For a look at some pics, go here.

In other news, I went for Chinese food with HIM this weekend. It was great. He is so sophisticated. I love going out with him. Well, I suppose that’s obvious, since I love HIM but, going out is always a special treat.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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