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All Things Happen at Once

Well, it’s hump day again and, once again, I’ve been busy. I just took some of my medicine, which should make me feel better. I went to the Doctor yesterday and he told me I was to continue taking the little purple pill. He said the drug companies try to bribe him consistantly and that I would be surprised. “I could eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant every night of the week” were his exact words. Makes you wonder. But, the drug does work, so I will continue to take it.

Well, the house painter never showed up last week, so I’m, once again, waiting for him. Guess his Mom should have named him Godot. I am supposed to meet the car guy on Saturday to find out about my Acura and, well, the painters supposed to come then too. What am I going to do? Is it too late to clone myself? Probably so. At least it gives me time to clean out my garage and do my taxes. Dad will help with the tax part as he’s a CPA and Tax Attorney. He knows of such things. He speaks seven languages, not including IRS.

We are having DNS problems at work so you may not get to read this. I hope you will, but you never know. The great computer in the sky may get to read today’s blog instead of you. The IT guy from where I currently work, Charlie, is very smart, I’m sure he’ll figure it out. Another fellow I work with was complaining about his small penis today. He thought he’d whisper to Charlie and I would not hear his penile reference. Instead I heard and told him I would write about him in my blog. So, ahem.

There’s this fellow I work with named Cliff who has a really small penis.

There, I said it. Not that I would know for certain, as I’ve never actually seen it myself but, if he admits it’s small, it must be really tiny. It’s probably so small you’d need a microscope to….ah, nevermind. I’ve wasted enough blog space on Cliff’s tiny penis already. This is my blog and, well, there are no small penises allowed in Carol’s Little World. (I know HE has a big penis because HE keeps it in HIS pants and never mentions it.) I guess they should pass a rule about small penises. You should never extend more blog space than your penis will allow. Or some such thing. But, I suppose, rules we meant to be broken and all things must happen at once, even in Carol’s Little World. It’s what makes life more interesting, and what helps me get through (even without a penis.)

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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