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Bugs, Blogs, What’s Best, and other Big Stuff

Well, it’s been quite a long week for me. We’ve been busy at work, testament to this is the fact that I am still here, even though I have tomorrow off. At least I hope I have tomorrow off. The way things are going, this may not happen. As we “speak” I’m waiting for a database to load itself, after which I will run a patch necessary to upgrade it. After that, I get to update a few tables, bounce a few servers, complete a status report, and then, phew! go home. Hopefully, this will all happen before midnight but I have already blogged about “the best of plans” going astray. I spent most of the day, the entire day come to think of it, working with Leslie (my co-worker) trying to iron some bugs out of our code. It was messy and ugly, despite the fact that Leslie knows the code quite well. We got most of the bugs out, although he suspects there is one or two “lurking around” waiting for Monday morning to bite us in the ass. Oh joy. I can almost feel the teeth nibbling.

Speaking of “teeth” and all things oral, I went to the dentist this morning. No really big news. I got a good cleaning, which is nice, and I found out that I need a crown type “thing” on one of my teeth. Nothing I didn’t know already. The good Doctor says that this crown, or actualy, onlay as he called it, will not hurt, although he will numb me when he does it and the entire process will take more than one hour. I’ve never had any major dental work, other than having an impacted wisdom tooth removed, so I’m always afraid of anything that takes more than one hour. That’s my limit. Not thousands of dollars, not excruciating pain, but time. Anything more than one hour is serious dental work.

In “HIM” news, (I guess I can safely call it that) I met up with HIM recently to talk, mostly of work, but several other topics came into play. HE’s been doing a lot of photography lately. Has the home darkroom going, and is basically ignoring HER, but devoting himself to private time. I suppose this is a good thing, as we all need some down time after a relationship ends, especially a serious one as he was in. Nevertheless, it seems to drive me crazy. I mean, think about it. There HE is, off taking time for himself, getting over HER, if you could call it that. So close and yet so still out of reach.

I can see by the look in HIS eyes that HE still carries a torch for HER. This leaves me quite torn. Part of me want to just grab him, shake him, and say, “get over it! There are other fish in the sea….other people wanting you. You could have a much better relationship. Something so much more substantial. Get over HER. What….are you blind, man?” Part of me just wants to let HIM heal, give him space, and time, and all that. And then, there’s another part of me that wants to jump HIS bones. Guess which side’ll win? Ha. I don’t even have to tell you.

I did happen upon a way cute guy at Randall’s today. Leslie was playing some rap music and somehow we got on the subject of White Castle Hamburgers. He said he wanted some and, when a break came up, I offered to go to Randall’s down the street and “do” dinner. While over there, I was poking around looking for the White Castle, when I noticed a human “stud muffin” staring back at me. Yes, it’s true. He was standing by the produce and, believe me, he was quite the cucumber, if you know what I mean.

Ah, I can only hope for the best. What’s best will always win out in the end, I suppose. And, if you cannot have the best, you can always settle for fewer bugs, clean teeth, and good cucumbers.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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