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Wheels, Deals, and Steals

I got the car. Drove it to work this morning. It’s great. It’s more high-up than the car I had before, so I feel less like I am sitting on the ground with wheels tapped to my butt. It rides really well, although still getting used to it. This morning, on the way to work, I looked down and noticed I was doing 80. It really likes to go fast. I can say that because, after driving my prior car for 14 years, I know it’s not me. It does, however, not get good gas mileage. I’m already low, down to a quarter of a tank. Hmmm. time to get gas.

In other news, I had a quiet Easter, except for the missing child. After 2 yesterday afternoon, I got a call from my Mother who told me she had been out looking for a missing child. Seems the tyke took off and wasn’t heard from or seen for a while. The Cedar Park Police came in and were looking all around. The brought in the “big gus” including a copter, the K-9 unit (who barked at my doggie, Charlie), several detectives, and the Cedar Park Fire department. Everybody who was home turned out and started driving/walking around the neighborhood looking for the tyke. Turns out Mommy fell asleep and didn’t know the kid went out. She was safely playing on the other side of the park with a friend. At least it was a nice day, we got out some, and we met a lot of our neighbors. I still have to do something about the folks parking in front of my door. With the new car and all, it’s making it difficult to get in and out of the driveway. Besides, why do they not park in front of their own door? Geesh. How rude.

I should be getting tax refund this week. Possibly on Friday. I can hardly wait. It’s a nice chunk of change. Time to call Fidelity and invest some. It should be a great time to invest, hopefully, I will get a nice deal on a mutual fund.

The bluebonnets are really coming up. “Bring all your cousins,” I say. We sure could use some color around here. It’s looking pretty on north Mopac, which is a refreshing change.

I wonder if my friend Craig has made it to San Fran. I have not gotten an AIM from him, so I can only hope he arrived safely and soundly. I’m sure he’ll be ok though. SF is a great city. I wish I could visit more often. Enough blogging for one day. Time to go bug Ken about his.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.

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