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Well, it appears that I have gone one entire day (Sunday) without blogging. Yay! Now I can blog two times today. Maybe today’s blog will make sense. Maybe it will be the best blog ever written. Maybe folks will line up from all over to see and read and experience my great blog. Maybe not. Hmmm. Either way, I shall enjoy posting for there is almost nothing I enjoy as much as blogging.

In other news, I am having a hard time deciding what I want to do for the super bowl. I am uncertain as to if I should have a party and invite all my friends over or if I should attend a party my neighbor is having. Right now I am leaning towards my neighbor just because I do not have a TV large enough. But, either way, I do want to see the commercials. The commercials are the best part of the game. Anything else is un-civilized. Who needs all that football crap, anyway?

I wish blogger had smilie faces like AIM. Other than that, it’s perfect in every way. I suppose I could download some GIF or JPEGs of smilie faces and use those, but that would require work and knowledge of html, which is very anti-blog. Who am I to break the rules, right? I mean, I live in “Carol’s Little World” which is basically trapped inside of this “blog” thing which dictates, among other things, how I type, when I post, what my postings look like, etc. In exchange, I get to free my mind and write about whatever is cluttering up my soul. I’ll leave the HTML to the “experts” whoever they are, and just enjoy a nice blog in the morning sun.

In other news, Ken does not have to work today and he is out looking for apartments. I bet he is going to find a nice place, as the rents have come down. I’m so happy for him. I felt really bad after Ci2i had the layoffs and I was hoping that most folks would find something better. Ken was one of the lucky ones (or maybe it’s skill, as he hunted for a job while a lot of the X-Ci2i folks sat on their duffs?) Ken has made out quite well as he’s making more $$$, I think he likes his new job, and now he’s moving to a new, better, cheaper place. Good for him. Now if only he could shoot Ted. And get away with it. Too bad, Ken. Capital murder is still a crime in this state. (And me without my smilie face.)

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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