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I really must vow to stop posting blogs at midnight. As my friend Kat has indicated, “I think it was Van Gogh who cut off his ear, for whatever it’s worth ….” She is indeed correct. What was I thinking (probably something about Doritoes). I wish I could turn this blogger thing “off” when either it’s late or I’m stupid (or, for that matter, both). I know for a fact that, the next time I go for Chinese, my fortune cookie is going to read, “Help! I’m trapped in a blogger and I cannot get out.”

Today was an interesting day. I went downtown to 6th and Blanco and did some shopping. I picked up a sofa table for my house. It’s pretty. Cherry wood on top with silver metal legs. As much as I like the table (and the deal I got on it!) I can’t help but remember all the times I went downtown, to 6th and Blanco, with HIM. We would sit on the patio at Z Tejas after a morning of shooting (when the light got crappy) and enjoy a plate of eggs. Ah, if only he knew my true feelings (I always wish’d HE’d pass me more eggs.) And, speaking of “shooting” I did some of that today too. Yes, it’s true. My 1.5 year (or whatever it’s up to) “shooting slump” has finally ended and I’m back shooting again. Don’t think I got anything special, just tooled about the house with the camera as the sun was setting but there was a couple of shots I had to get “out of my system.” Maybe they will make for some good manipulations (if I can find the damn daylab.)

And, to run this blog full circle, while I was downtown, I saw an exhibit on Ansel Adams’ work. It was “hellacool” to use a cliche. Some of the prints were working prints and some were printed by him. His actual grubby hands touched the work, imagine that. Excellent work. It was great to see a bunch of it in one place. They also had a Paul Strand and another artist who’s work I was not familiar with, but it blew me away. Great shot of deers running in b&w. I love the “blurry people” type of work (ok, so I like “blurry animals” too). Makes me want to take the dogs out into the yard for a run. I will be doing some blurry flowers photos this year, for certain. Can’t wait. Soon it will be wildflower season. I hope it’s a good one.

Hmm. I wonder if I’m going to get anything for valentine’s day. Maybe I’ll give myself implants. More $$ than roses but they do not die in a week. And chocolate would only make me fat.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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