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Well, I had a nice surprisingly quiet evening with Dr. Tom last night. It was relaxing and enjoyable (except for the Tae Bo part of it which knocked me out but that’s to be expected, I suppose). Speaking of Tao Bo, I had a bit of a letdown last night. I thought I would be overly ambitious and try to do the Advanced Tao Bo tape. About 30-40 minutes into it, I “bonked.” It was horrible. I just could not get through anymore and just did not get a good enough workout. I guess it’s to be expected, I mean, we are not born robots and we all have “bad hair days,” even in the gym, but when it hits you in the face, instead of you hitting the Tao Bo bag in the face, it can hurt. I suppose, like a true Tao Bo trooper, I will pick myself up and try again tonight. I guess it just goes to show you that, just when you think you are getting a GOOD workout, something more “advanced” comes along and makes you feel out of shape, fat, old, ugly, etc.

On a more positive note, I got a call from a “head hunter” yesterday with several jobs in tow. I suppose the economy is picking up a bit, which is really nice. I hated the guilt of being one of the “employed” not to mention the hurt it has caused the Austin arts community. Don’t get me wrong, I had a problem with kiddies (aka “green things”) coming out of school and DEMANDING new boats/cars/2k advances/etc. for the, ahem, “pleasure” of working with them. That sucked. And it should never happen. I remember my first year out of college. I was a technical writer for 6 months before they would let me touch any code. And everybody kept telling me, if I worked really hard, I could become a “real” programmer someday. Little did I know that “UNIX” stuff I was writing (as well as the “RELAY” project) would turn into IRC and, well, Linux. How cool is that? In fact, the best piece of advice I have ever given to a “green thing” is to say, “take the coolness where you can get it, enjoy the breaks that you have, hope you can always work, always try to checkin code that compiles, and try not to piss anybody off. Too much.” I suppose you can piss a lot of people off if you compile 900+ source files, as I do for my open source project. But, if you don’t (piss anybody off that is) you too may get a 5 “code foo” on SourceForge. Oh, and don’t give out your home number. Because your code will URP at the most inconvient time. And, when it does, you don’t want to have to answer the phone. Let them use IRC. Heh, I wrote part of it, I can make it urp on demand (it is MY code, afterall. Remember, I said always checkin code that COMPILES but you can have URPs all over if you want, I suppose. They will be there anyway, so you may as well enjoy them too. Ah, there’s more good advice, I suppose.)

How did I get on the subject of code? I suppose I did not want to tell you about Dr. Tom and all the “gory” details of last night. Ah, some things are best left un-blogged. I guess it’s enough to say he has a mean side kick. But, then again, so do I. As long as I don’t bonk, that is.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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