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Seems my friend Ken has taken a liking to blogging as well. Here is a link to his blog. Hope you enjoy it.

In other news, it seems I have spent entirely too much of my blog blogging about blog. So, I will stop doing this for a while and instead turn to a different topic. I will tell you a little bit about myself (since I am getting folks who do not know me, I thought it would be wise to do this at this point in time anyway.)

My name is Carol (as you could probably have guessed.) I live in Austin, TX (actually Cedar Park but who’s counting.) I work in Austin’s high tech industry as a java/database programmer. I have worked for several (now failed) dot com’s (dot bombs/whatever) including Ci2i, Garden.com, Arrowsmith Technologies, etc. Least you think it was all my fault, I worked for a stint at Tivoli Systems (Austin’s only high tech success story as of late). I still cannot eat at the Arboreteum for fear of running into a Tivoli friend who will ask me, “so when are you coming back?” I also worked on an open source project recently where I was rated a “5” foo on SourceForge (under an assumed name so nobody knows who I am, of course). Hey, I don’t want anybody calling me, in the middle of the night, when one of my 900+ files urps.

I also enjoy a “career” as a fine art photographer and my work is exhibited in the Seattle Art Museum and several galleries in NY. Once I was in an exhbit with Joyce Tenneson which is about my only major claim to fame. I have been picked to be in about 30 or so national juried shows which, if you have never done it, is rather difficult. My work is mostly architectural details (not architecture in the true sense, more like windows, doors, fountains, that sort of stuff) and what I call “experimental” photography. I have a kind of reputation, in Austin anyway, for going off and doing “weird” (or “creative” if you want to be polite) work. Stuff like Polaroid manipulations, cross processing, shooting high speed film, blurry people, etc. I usually do not photograph people but I have photographed some “portraiture” for $$$ (mostly for other artists, folks who are a little “off” like myself and like “different” work, or for the music industry, where they all snort crack and wouldn’t notice blurry photographs anyway.)

I am single, in case you did not know from the read. I am currently dating a Doctor (“Dr. Tom” in this blog) who lives a few blocks from my house (same sub-division…How yuppie can you get? Gosh, I should just kill myself now and go to the great mall in the sky.) In case you cannot tell from the read, my heart is not really “into” my current relationship as I carry a torch (a really, really BIG one, in fact) for HIM. HE who shall remain nameless (for now anyway). I am really quite shy and I’m a bit of a loner so, other than my photography or my work, I do not get out much. I like to blog because I used to be a writer of sorts, even though I am not very good. I eat far too many Doritoes, work out far too little, and drive a beat up old car (’88 Accord.)

This blog has become long enough. More about me late. It is now time for lunch.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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