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Nesting Comfortably from my perch

I have decided that I really enjoy tea. Today I am not feeling quite myself (a bit under the weather or so it seems) so I have been clinging to my cup of tea, much the same way a young child clings to his mother’s skirt-tail. I believe I have had several cups already and am currently yearning for yet another. Bless Earl Grey and all the tea he has brought to my arms.

In other news, it seems my friend Ken has found an apartment and will be moving soon. Gosh, I hope I never have to move again. It was such a pain the last time. It took me the better part of one month. Possibly because I am just lazy but, more probably, because I moved out to Cedar Park (from Austin) and it’s quite a drive. I think part of the deal this time is that, I like my house so much, I don’t want to move again. I’ve come down with a horrible case of “nesting instinct” as I’ve been told it’s called. Enough to make me go out and buy furniture and put pictures up and, well, order from the likes of Ikea. And lamps. I’ve come down with this strange fondness for lamps which do not give off a lot of light. It’s a horrible infinite loop really. I buy a lamp, it doesn’t throw enough light, so I buy another. And so on. I’ve quite a collection but still cannot read at night. Go figure.

HE has a house. Not really a house, moreso a home. A loft in the city actually. SHE lives with a roommate in West Campus but doesn’t pay rent. Sure, always the moocher. I guess if you have large breasts you never have to pay rent. Or buy furniture. Must be nice. Although I would not exactly want to trade places. I never want to sleep on a futon or have to save quarters for laundry again. I did enough of that in Potsdam.

I much prefer HIS existance. Having a nice “homebase.” Nice enough that’s it’s presentable but not so nice that you cannot pack up and leave at any given time and jaunt off to some wild destination. That’s the way to live. I suppose I’m a bit hung up on the romantic notion of the nomad and how easily lead astray they can become. I had visions of myself wandering around taking photographs of the Serengeti or some exotic place off in Morocco. Perhaps the great wall of China on Friday? While it’s still technically feasable for such events to occur, I believe they are highly unlikely at this point. Maybe in a few years. After I’ve paid for all the furniture. And, um, yeah, the lamps.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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