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Just Because

X Files last night was an interesting watch (loved the deal with the reincarnation) and it seems Dave Ducovney is man enough to come back for the season finale. Hmm. Wonder if Mulder will ever find his sister or not. I guess we’ll find out in May when it’s all over and maybe they’ll even have a fat lady singing. I am mystified by the Asian themes that run as sub-plots to the recent X Files but this is part of the fun of it all, I suppose.

Speaking of Asian themed items, I am utterly bewildered by the recent events at my house. Recently, I had invited some photographer friends over to compare work. While most of them knew me well enough for a logical guess, there was one or two whom I had never met. Upon coming to my house in the evening several folks had commented that they could not easily find my house, because of a lack of street numbers easily visible.

Until they saw the Tara statue above the door they could not tell which house was mine.

Hmm. How fascinating. Either I live in suburbia to the point of being the only non-lemming within a 20 mile radius, or I have become such the artist that even I have lost track of how “left of center” my existence has evolved. Either way, I win. How cool. Worse case, I’m not a lemming and best case, well I can consider myself an artists “just because.”

Thank you, Tara.

It’s a dreary day today in Austin but it doesn’t really matter because it’s Monday. I think there should be some kind of a law that says all Mondays have to either be rainy or dreary. I found out this weekend that my annoying neighbor may have moved away, which is good news. That and I actually got some work done around the house this weekend. I got my printer stand put together (yippie) and my little step stool. Now comes the fun part. I’m going to paint my step stool some funky ass color. Probably red. Bright red and stencil some bad looking Chinese characters on it. Just because I can. There’s something cool about being an artist. You don’t make much money and you don’t get to enjoy you lot in life much (other people tend to think you are stupid) but you get to do stuff just because you are an artist. And that’s how artists do stuff (“just because.”) I love it. It confuses the hell out of the programmers I work with but there’s also something fun inherent in the ability to baffle other people at will. It’s almost a gift. So, sometime this week I will go to the paint store and get some bright funky paint and, maybe as early as this weekend, I will enjoy adding some entropy in the world. Hey, somebody somewhere in China is organized, right? I must make ammends.

I know I promised I would not blog about my past blogs but, I must have been bitter upon my recent meeting with “Mike.” While he’s not “God’s gift to this green earth” he’s not Satan personified either. What was I possibly thinking? I find it intriquing that I was so fascinated with Mike and his reaction to my blog. Perhaps I spend too much time thinking about the reactions of other people? How “un-artistic” of me. I’ll have to stop doing that. That, and color my hair some crazy aubergine-like color.

“Just because.”

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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