You Say It’s Your Birthday – Happy 25!

Close up image of a pink rose with a white center, showcased as part of the Happy 25 to the water gardens
“Pink Rose, White Center,” by Carol Schiraldi, Hill Country Water Gardens, 2024

For those following along with my “Borrowed Garden” series, these are images taken at the Hill Country Water Gardens in Cedar Park, Texas. The borrowed garden is a favorite spot of mine to take pictures. Between the flowers, the ponds, the native grasses and plants, the gargoyles, and the fish there is always something going down at the Borrowed Garden. Every season brings a new surprise and I find it so peaceful and tranquil to spend time in the gardens with the plants. Recently, the gardens celebrated a birthday. They turned 25! All I could think of was that song by the Beatles, “You say it’s your birthday…” Happy 25th to the Borrowed Garden!

To celebrate, they had a big anniversary day with a market and some live music. Not wanting to go for the big event, instead I opted to go the following day. Still wanting to celebrate, I visited at a more quiet time and avoided the crowds.

I’ve always enjoyed shooting the ponds and over the years have gotten some great shots there. Of course, I’m especially grateful that they allow me in to photograph the ponds and I always feel a bit renewed after a visit. It’s such a tranquil spot. Even in the heat, there are shady corners and wonderful plants to help cool things down a bit. Today, I thought I would share some images from the birthday celebration visit.

This is a red leaf study. It’s a close up shot from a plant. For my visit this time, I noticed the Japanese maple trees were there and were really quite lovely, but there were also some plants with red leaves that looked great.

Red leaf detailed view, showing leaf veins, by Carol Schiraldi
“Red Leaf Lines,” by Carol Schiraldi, 2024

I mentioned the Japanese maple trees, yes? Oh, were they quite the treat. I love photographing these and this time there were quite a few of them. Here’s a sample:

Close up detailed view of a Japanese maple tree leaf by Carol Schiraldi as part of the Happy 25! for the Hill Country Water Gardens.
“Japanese Maple Leaf Study,” by Carol Schiraldi, 2024

Being a fan of abstract images, I often experiment over at the Borrowed Garden. This visit was no exception. I opted to do some abstracts. There were some lotus leaves out along with some native grasses which all make for wonderful abstracts.

Close up view of a Central Texas native grass at the Hill Country Water Gardens by Carol Schiraldi of Carol's Little World
“Catching the Light,” by Carol Schiraldi, native grass close up view, 2024

Here is a lotus leaf as seen at the ponds:

Lotus leaf up close with drops of water by Carol Schiraldi
“Universe in a Drop,” lotus leaf up close, by Carol Schiraldi, 2024

Finally, a few abstract images to round out my visit:

Abstract image of red jugs with white and blue accent color, by Carol Schiraldi of Carol's Little World.
“Red Jugs,” by Carol Schiraldi, 2024
Seeing dots, an abstract image of circles of confusion on a blue ground, by Carol Schiraldi of Carol's Little World
“Seeing Dots,” by Carol Schiraldi, 2024

I want to send a special shout out to the folks at the Hill Country Water Gardens today to wish them a very Happy Birthday. Thanks for 25 wonderful years and here’s to 25 more. May your garden grow on!

Until next bloom…

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