Icelandic Landscapes

I was uploading some shots from Iceland today and thought I would share. While I’m not typically a landscape photographer, there is something so magical about the Icelandic landscape. It rally captivates. Being the land of fire and ice and crazy trolls that live in tiny huts with grass rooftops has its advantages, I reckon. I mean, it’s not easy come wintertime, that’s for sure but they do get to play. 

Iceland has glaciers, interesting rock formations, soft rolling hills, and a captivating color palette. The skies were purple while I was there and the earth was covered in bright green moss. The mountains were picturesque, like something out of a painting and the ice formations really left all kinds of interesting marks and lines on the ground. There are more sheep than people and more waterfalls than sheep. (Try to figure that one out!)

Iceland is a photographer’s playground. Little kids want so badly to visit Disneyland. They want to see Mickey Mouse and the funky rides, fly on Space Mountain and sail through “It’s a Small World.” Bigger kids hang out at the mall. Photographer kids? They want to go to Iceland, they really do. It’s just that kind of a place. The earth, the sky, the ice, the colors, the people. Iceland is kind of like magic. It really is Disneyland for people who walk around carrying cameras all day. 

These are some of my Icelandic landscapes. All I can say about them really is, “wow! What a place!” I hope you like them too. 

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