Orange You Glad You Are Not a Koi


With the recent storms and winter weather in Texas came some bad news. It seems some of our wildlife did not make it. There was a zoo in Houston that lost a lot of primates and the news is reporting that our hummingbirds are suffering because a lot of the grasses and vegetation they use for pollination did not survive. They are asking people to put out feeders in order to help.

I did not hear specifically from the Koi breeders but they appear to have survived a bit better than some of the other wildlife around Texas. The winter storms were bad, there’s no getting around that, but I remain hopefully that some (or all?) of the Koi make it out the other side. 

It must be hard to be a fish when everything is frozen. These are some orange Koi, swimming around in happier (and warmer!) days. 

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