Painted Architecture from Japan

 Some “painted” Japan to share with you today. This building is very typical of what you might find in Japan today. Modern architecture that looks a bit like old Japan but it’s really modern on the inside. Like many places, they hang a curtain in the front door to indicate if they are open or closed. That’s fairly common, in fact, I’ve seen it across other parts of the world. (I feel in love with the “doorway” curtains blowing in the breeze in the Venetian island of Burano.) These curtains often blow in the wind. You can see the one here catching a slight breeze. It was a blur curtain and it’s blowing about a bit. 

This little house was also very typical of the restaurants in Japan. None of the places we visited were quite large, most of them resembled some kind of house, even if it became clear it was a restaurant once you walked inside the front door. These little places are also really friendly, in fact, a lot of times the locals will frequent them and you can pop in to get a spot of tea and sort of chat with some of the locals (if you can manage the language, that is, or perhaps get lucky enough to have your guide within earshot.) 

I found the Japanese language particularly difficult but the people were really quite forgiving and also very friendly. Even the guy who was dressed up as a warrior was really nice. (Don’t try to explain that one, right?) 

I am thinking about doing a little series of these painted buildings and using for my new merchandise over at Carol’s Little World online shop. They sure are fun to do so I’ll probably wind up with a bunch of them at some point. 

Until next time…

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