Carol’s Coasters are A Cruising


I have been busy, busy, busy as of late. Getting ready for the upcoming Austin Studio Tour and also the Artist Sunday festivities that are about to kick into full gear. In the midst of doing that, I decided that, for this year, I would launch coasters in my new gallery shop. Now, typically, I launch one holiday print and that (in the past anyway) had been the extent of my marketing “efforts” for the year. (Pathetic, I know!) This year, I’ve decided to up my game a little bit. Since I have the new gallery website, I tried printing some coasters just to see what they would look like and if this would be something I wanted to pursue. Once I got the test run from the coasters, I have to admit, I instantly fell in love. I think these would make great gifts and the quality is high enough that I feel I can offer them. They really are quite nice, cork backed, nice size, and the printing is great. I am going to offer one as part of a giveaway, so look for that soon (if I can bear to part with them, that is.)
I’ve setup a little mini “Carol’s Coaster” store over in Carol’s Little World, under the “Merchandise” tab or you could just click here.  
The coasters come in a variety of images. The ones you see above is called “Park Bench and Dream” but I also have these: 

They retail for $35.86 plus shipping. 

Until next time…

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