Sunlight on Bell Tower


Venice, Italy. A place with many reflections. A place where the streets are filled with water. A place where they say birds walk and lions fly. That last one is true thanks to the many pigeons you used to find walking around the Plaza San Marcos area. While they may sometimes clear the pigeons from the Piazza, the statues of winged lions still loom large overhead, as you make you way off the boat docks and onto dry land, as it were. Speaking of dry land, yes, in fact, this is the spot where Napolean once had his morning coffee. Yes, that Napolean. The city really is that old. In many ways, it’s young again, redefined by the many tourists who flock there expecting to visit a Hard Rock Cafe while, at the same time, taking a gondola ride under the Bridge of Sighs. That’s Venice for you though. Everything old, completely modern, walking birds and flying lions. A little bit crazy, a little bit Italian, completely, uniquely Venetian in each and every way. 
Ciao, baby! 
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