Notes From the Road – First Edit

Notes from the road contains tonight’s first edit. As part of our travels, we have to prep sample images and be prepared to talk about them. These are mine. I am pulling together eight images for the talk and you can tell from the bunch there is some architecture some natural world, some shot fairly straight and some my usual blend of reflection or just abstract in some way. On the whole, the shooting has been very good here. There is a lot to shoot in Kyoto, it’s really a rich subject. Today, I got to eat lunch with a Geisha (look for images of that to follow) and I got to visit with a gold leaf artist. He was a lot of fun, really very entertaining. I’m sure I’ll have more time to edit and it’s safe to say I’ve got a lot of images in post now, with post holding up the works for sure. I just don’t want to spend quality time with post duties, as this sort of thing can wait until I get home, so I’m doing a rough job-just enough to get me something to talk about while I’m here. All of this with a promise to do more once I have returned home and the shooting is done. Editing can wait until later, for now, there is more shooting, as my days are filled with gearing up, heading out, walking about, taxi rides, lunch plans, and the like. Yes, we are shooting a lot and it feels good.

In other news, I have started jaywalking here so that’s a sign I am starting to feel comfortable. I can tell you where there are at least 5 Starbuck’s and I know some of the major intersections, although I have yet to figure out the subway. I know where the local (and best) soft serve ice cream is and I’ve found at least 3 noodle shots you could write home about if you were so inclined. Yes, this place is starting to feel a bit like home for me know.

I’ll keep things short as my internet is spotty now. Look for more notes to follow as I can.

Until next time…

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