The Last Goodbye – RIP Chase

Some sad news to report. Today, Chase lost his brave battle with cancer. After a particularly difficult night, I made the decision earlier today to put him down. He was 13 years old and pretty much full of life until the past few days, when the massive tumor in his belly finally got the better of him and he all but stopped eating. He had been wasting away and was almost skin and bones. We didn’t want to see him suffer so I made the difficult decision earlier today. My vet has a “quiet room” that’s a bit more comfortable so we went and spent some time with him there before leaving. I had them take some pictures of us together, and got a few with the family. Some last minute images to remember him by. This is the last picture of him ever taken.

The thing about dogs is that there is a certain nobility in their simplicity. They like to eat, they like to chase balls, they love it when you come home. Chase always loved a good belly rub, in fact, that was one of the last acts we shared. He hated to be held (the way I’m doing it here) he preferred to be free and on the ground, but he loved nothing more than getting close to me, flopping down on his back, and letting me rub his belly. He loved sitting in the grass. He loved sticking his head out car windows and catching a breeze. He loved squeaky toys and balls and was afraid of potato chip bags. He was slightly afraid of wheels and, at one point, was afraid of his own shadow. He was quit skittish as a dog but then he also went after things, sometimes things he should never go after, like cats. He loved to chase cats and squirrels. Thank goodness he never met a skunk.

I’m really going to miss the little guy. He was such a part of my life. As I gear up for more travel in the bottom half of the year, I can’t help but think how empty the house will be now once I return home. I’m really going to miss my little buddy. He was such a good little guy.

I hope someday you get to know the love from a dog. It’s really special and noble that is. Chase was no exception. He was a good dog and he will be missed.

Rest in peace, my little buddy, rest in peace.

Until next time…

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