Scavenger Hunt of Sorts

It’s time for a Scavenger Hunt of sorts. Now, this is not going to be an ordinary Scavenger Hunt, no. I’m not going to go out and ask you to do stuff like find a mailbox. Nope. This is going to be a Carol style Scavenger Hunt. By that I mean, I’m going to make you think for it. OK, so maybe there will be a couple of obvious ones. I can’t help myself for that. And maybe you’ll see a few familiar items in the list too, stuff relating to “feathers” and perhaps my current employer. There will be crazy items on the list for sure, and stuff that will just make your scratch your head because, well, we’re all about head scratching here at Carol’s Little World. But, for the most part, I wanted this to be fun, and quirky, a bit odd, did I mention quirky? Yeah, that.

So, the rules. Let’s see. Any media (you can paint if you want to, up to you!) I am encouraging you to do one or more items from the list. Making the list long so you don’t have to do all of them and can choose, pick your poison as it were. The compositions should be new but can incorporate older work if necessary. If there is enough interest, I will kick in a gift card to the “winner” of sorts. If you email me one or more of your entries (2000 pixels on the longest side please, JPEG format, thank you very much) you could get featured on the little old blog and have bragging rights for the ages. Deadline sometime in May or when I just get sick of getting weird images filling up my inbox.

That’s it. That’s all there is too it. Good luck, get started, get going, and have fun!

Carol’s Unofficial Scavenger Hunt List

  1. Crisis and Paranoia 
  2. Not What I Had In Mind
  3. Caught a Ghost
  4. Cry Me a River
  5. Look Sharp
  6. Silently Raging
  7. Not big, AMAZON
  8. Something About Trees
  9. All This and a Bag of Chips
  10. I was One Once
  11. Not My Real Work 
  12. Poets are Mysteriously Silent on the Subject of…
  13. Purity, Parity, What’s the Difference Really?
  14. An Audience of One
  15. My Kingdom of Saints Fell Silent When…
  16. Chocolate 
  17. A Nocturnal Event of Sorts
  18. I Didn’t Think it Would Actually Move
  19. Like Snow on the Sahara
  20. A Buzz
  21. As Pleasing As Light Itself
  22. Some Kind of Marvelous
  23. The One Thing We’ve Got 
  24. Doors are Portals too, Aren’t They?
  25. A Tight Squeeze of Sorts
  26. I Never Knew Red Lipstick Could…
  27. Blasphemy!
  28. Vision, Insight, or Luck Perhaps
  29. You Animal! 
  30. Gone but not Forgotten 
  31. To Get to the Other Side
  32. Stars
  33. Don’t Touch That!
  34. I was Never Fond of the Color Red
  35. Little Talks
  36. Love Letters to No One In Particular
  37. Why Me?
  38. The Number Eight
  39. It Passes for Transportation 
  40. Light as a Feather

Happy hunting!

Until next time…


  1. teoreymiller
    April 18, 2019 / 11:05 am

    Sounds like fun! I'll have to use this list to come up with ideas when I'm out taking photos 🙂

  2. Carol
    April 22, 2019 / 4:31 am

    Have fun! I hope you get a chuckle out of it and maybe a few good shots as well. :~)

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