Wearing Pajamas In Public

Have you ever inadvertently happened upon a trend and you didn’t know what to make of it? The other day, I was on my way to one of those “Yankee Swap” style Santa type parties, you know the ones, where you bring a small gift and everybody goes berserk fighting over who has a better number and who can swap out the oh so coveted Chia Pet in favor of something one might actually want? Yeah, I was invited to one of those parties, so I decided to stop off at a store on the way home, to pick up the gift (in case you’re wondering, all of my Secret Santa gifts are 80 proof.) I stopped at a local grocery “super center” type store, although I really don’t know why they call it this as this particular store was neither “super” nor centrally located (but I digress) and started wandering the aisles looking for cookies (to go with the aforementioned 80 proof item, which I keep well stocked, by the way.) As I’m walking around (keeping in mind, it’s after working hours, well, normal working hours anyway) I see this lady, a younger woman really, doing what appears to be her grocery shopping wearing a matching set of flannel pajamas. “That’s odd,” I thought to myself, “I mean, for starters, it really isn’t even that cold out. Why is she walking around in flannel?” And then it dawned on me. She was out and about in her pajamas. Her pajamas! Yes, Santa, she saw fit to go out shopping, go out to her local “super center” (which, as we have already established, is neither “super” nor a “center” but work with me here please) wearing her flannel pajamas. Flannel pajamas out in public? Yes, indeed!

OK, so this might have been a fluke, right? A one off. A something some weird lady does across town at some random odd “super center” that’s not really super and not really a center. Let’s just chalk this up to random oddness and leave it be, yes? Well, not quite. Fast forward to last weekend when I found myself heading out to shoot some holiday lights (why I have been absolutely possessed with shooting holiday lights this year is left as an exercise to the reader. If you do happen to figure it out, please let me know. I too am curious, but I digress.) Since it was a mild night, I packed up the tripod, camera gear, and the like, and headed out to hit up some of the local displays. If you read this spot regularly, or even if you’re just lazy and scroll down a bit, you can see the recent image I’ve posted of the Cedar Park tree (it really is a majestic tree, but I digress yet again. Apologies. I appear to be some kind of a digress queen, please worship accordingly.) While I was there, photographing the tree, I happened upon an entire family all decked out in their pajamas. Why, it was Mom, and Pop, and the little ones and they had slogged on down to the town center park, wearing their pajamas (matching pajamas too, I might add) carrying hot cocoa they could sip while admiring our local tree. Now, I can’t really fault these fine folks, as they had sort of made a night of it, decking themselves out in matching pajamas, dragging along hot cocoa, and traveling to several holiday light displays around town, but, I have to admit, I appear to have stumbled upon a trend here. Everybody and their brother (well maybe their kids actually. Or maybe their brother’s kids? I digress yet again!) appears to be out and about in their pajamas.

So, being the hipster that I am not, I decided to google this (because, I suppose, that’s what non hipsters like me do, right?) And, sure enough, lo and behold, what might I find in the vaults of the Internets? Why, could it be that there is a new trend of wearing one’s pajamas out in public? Why, yes, yes, there is! Apparently even celebrities are doing this now. Who knew this was a thing? Not I, that’s for sure. But, seeing as I love my pajamas and all, and now it would appear that it’s no longer not socially acceptable to wear them outside, I have decided I am not going to be one to let this pass. No, oh no, not me. Why, I’ve decided to not only join in on the trend, but I have the picture here to prove it! This is me, outside, wearing my pajamas. In case you’re wondering, my little “helper” there is Chase. He does not seem too impressed with this trend, it’s all just business as usual for him. He’s a dog and knows nothing of these “pajamas” of which we speak, but I thought he was a kind of cute addition to my “Hey There! I’m outside in my pajamas!” photo so I kept him in. (Good dog, Chase, good boy!)

Pajamas all around town? Who knew this was a thing? It’s now a thing, I tell you, a thing. And, who I am to buck a thing? Put your pajamas on and go for a walk. Go ahead, you know you want to.

Until next time…

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