My home, My little home, A little house of my own

There is an old Greek proverb that says, “My home, my little home, a little house of my own.” This basically translates into “Home, Sweet Home” in English, although there is something a bit lost in that translation. I believe we all have nesting instincts of sorts. That deep down inside, no matter how much of a nomad we appear to be, there is a part of each and every one of us that loves to come home again. There is just something about the peaceful solitude of home that signifies comfort. Home is a place where you can kick your shoes off, relax, enjoy a cup of tea in your favorite comfortable chair, maybe curl up with a good book and forget the world.

This summer, I’ve been fielding a lot of questions. “Where are you going next?” is often among the top. I get it a lot. After having been to China and other assorted places like Dakota, Peru, Iceland, Santorini, and frankly a few others that didn’t quite make my fast flying fingertips, I have to say I’m enjoying a quiet rest at home. I’m trying to fix up the house, to get my home studio to the point where it is setup fully and flowing freely. I have made a lot of progress on this front but it’s not quite all the way. Frankly, I am at the point where I would prefer to nest, to cuddle up, and finish what I have here, rather than trying to jaunt off yet again. There are always exotic locations out there to explore, I know they will wait for me. The road goes on forever and I am a consummate explorer. I have grown to expect this, yes, but I also appreciate the quite solitude of home as there is a wonderful comfort there as well.

If I had to travel, if I had to pick a place right now, I’d probably be looking at Oregon, Fiji, Faroe Islands, Madagascar or someplace in Africa (Tanzania too comes to mind. God, how I wish I could visit and shoot Stone Town.) Right now though, right at this very moment in time, Zanzibar will have to wait. I really want to snuggle up with a good book and forget about life for a few seconds. Am I really not allowed to do that? I hope you will forgive me for not exploring as much as I could be and allow me this quiet solitude.

I hope you get to enjoy your quiet solitude, your home, some this summer as well. The craziness of travel and autumn will bring lots of surprises, excitement, and energy our way soon enough. Enjoy the peace while it lasts.

Until next time…

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