Weekend in New England and News of Sorts

Red brick store front of the Old As Adam shop in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with a bicycle

I’m back from my weekend in New England and thought I would share a shot off the flash pile. For this trip, I did some gallery sitting, including an artist talk of sorts and so I didn’t do as much shooting as I would have liked. I still managed to take the camera out for a little bit of a walkabout on a couple of days. Portsmouth really is a very photogenic town, I really enjoyed shooting there, even if I did get some of the usual “tourist” type of shots. (Look for my picture of the famed tugboats, which “hide out” in the harbor, if you want to see my personal variant of the tourist shot everyone must take when visiting Portsmouth.) This one is one of the downtown shops, called “Old As Adam” which I thought was very quaint and New England-y so I’m sharing it now. The trip itself was a great catch-up for me, a reunion of sorts, as I got to catch up with some old friends, re-visit with folks from China travels, and generally peek a bit around New Hampshire.

In other news, I found out that Carol’s Little World was voted one of the top 100 Photography Blogs by Feedspot. You can check out the list here. Carol’s Little World clocks in at 119 on the list. I’m very honored to be among some great photoblogs there, including Scott Kelby and Joe McNally among others. There really are a lot of photoblogs out there, and there are some quality blogs out there as well, so it’s a great honor to be among the recommended ones. I hope you get to checkout the list some and maybe find some new photography blogs to follow. Heck, I know I will. When I’m not out in New England hunting bicycles, that is.

Until next time…

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