Opportunity Weekend – March 2nd 2018

An abstract creation featuring lines and swirls of color.

A couple of notes before I list our current opportunities. This week I had some feedback requesting information about shows without entry fees. I do try to pass along opportunities without fees as often as possible but I realize I might not always label them as such, so I’m going to try to do a better job of marking opportunities without entry fees to make it easier for folks wanting to go that route. Also, a friendly reminder, if you are looking to submit your work without a fee, often it’s places that hold juried shows where you can submit work for a one person show without a fee. A lot of times you can submit a body of work to these galleries with a little bit of research on your end (and a little legwork) so don’t let the fee situation scare you away. I suggest researching galleries with listings like the ones I share here and submitting a portfolio for review if you want to avoid the fees and maybe get yourself a one person show. Of course, that’s just a suggestion on my part, you will have to make that decision about your work yourself and I recognize that the same work which is suitable for a juried show might not work as a one person curated body of work. I offer my suggestions in the spirit of trying to be helpful. As a reminder, I do not get paid for this listing and I get no special consideration from any of these galleries or shows, I’m just passing along information trying to help out the art community with this feature.

I do try to label all media shows as well because, while I am predominately a photographer, I realize there are a lot of painters, sculptors, and video folks out there, so I’ve been trying to label the all media shows as best I can, in order to help you folks out in your journey of finding opportunities. One last point, I always welcome feedback so please feel free to contact me with suggestions or requests. I’m available on most social media platforms as well as here at the blog site and on email if you want to touch base. I’m especially fond of hearing from artists who found opportunities through Carol’s Little World, as it makes me feel what I’m doing is worthwhile and helping out the art community as a whole.

Moving right along, let’s get to some opportunities for this week, shall we? Here we go:

Lots of photography and a few all media calls for you this week, now it’s time to go and get after it.

Until next time…

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