It’s Video Time

Been working on some of my images for an upcoming share and I decided to make a little video. Now, it’s not really a video, it’s more like stills setup in iMovie with some music set to the background but it kind of looks like a video. You know what they say, right, if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and it quacks…yeah, so that. It’s an almost video video from Guilin. I hope you like it.

Most of the laundry is now done, and I still owe you some notes from the road and, of course, my top 10 list. This one promises to be a crazy one so let’s hope I get off my duff and get ‘er done, as they say ’round these parts. Until then you will just have to settle for a little non-movie movie from China. (What? Were you hoping for some popcorn? Get your own, man, get your own.)

Until next time…

PS This little movie made in iMovie out of images shot on a Canon 5DS. Set to music that’s royalty free and available on iTunes and Vimeo. Enjoy!

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