Notes From the Road

No picture today, as I am on the road and can’t upload right now. I did want to post some notes from the road, so here goes.

Travel to and first day notes 

The flights…the flights…what can I say about the flights? It’s hard sitting your butt down in one place for twelve hours at one time, really it is. On the whole, the experience was not so bad. The flight to Seattle was cramped, as I expected it to be, with Seattle and Austin both being high tech hubs. It was packed in there pretty good and we had a smaller older plane. Bah. I hate that. Everybody should get a new plane. Like Oprah. “New plane for you! New plane for you! Everybody gets a new plane!” 
You know the feeling when you can’t quite get comfortable? Yeah, it felt like that. But it’s a short four hour flight compared to the long hauls so not too bad. Once in Seattle, I had to change terminals two times. This is not hard. The airport is relatively easy to navigate. I made my way to terminal S which is the terminal that has customs and is used for international flights. It’s like little China in there. They ran the announcements in Chinese and English. Starting to feel a bit closer now to my destination. Then it was time to board the big bird. Luckily, I had a Dreamliner which offers up a comfortable flight. I had an aisle seat so I could stick my legs out. 
More to come as I can….
Until next time…

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