Radar View/Travel Ideas for 2017

Since it’s a new year and all, the time has come to start thinking about and planning some travel for 2017. Now, I know how you all love to hear about this. Gosh, I know how much I love to tell you all about it too. It’s like some weird Japanese water torture, I know, but bear with me here. I do have to get this done and I do have to think aloud, least I end up in French Indochina without a camera. (Come to think of it, a trip to Vietnam would not be all that bad. I do have this hankering to visit Asia this time of year. LeSigh.) So, let’s see…back to my radar.

I recently took a class with Art Wolfe and I want more. He’s definitely on my radar for 2017. In fact, he has a short workshop to Astoria which is one of those places that has been on my radar for a while now. So we add Art Wolfe in Astoria and the Oregon coast on the 2017 radar. That’ slated for April 20-23 in Astoria.

I’m also a huge fan of Eddie Soloway and have been itching to take a workshop with him. He’s doing a few this year. One is April 28-30 in Austin. The next is June 1-4 in Big Sur, California, and the one I am seriously considering is July 31-August 4th on Madaline Island in Wisconsin. That last one gets me out of the hot Texas weather right in the summertime and shoots me up north in the balmy 70 degree Wisconsin summertime which sounds really very much like a brilliant idea. As far as the Austin or Big Sur, why I’m tempted to do one more with him as I’ve heard he’s that good. We shall see.

Also on my radar, now please don’t laugh, is the island of Molokai. Theresa Airey is doing a workshop there April 8-15 and this is very tempting. Molokai is very remote and so this one might be a bit tricky but, come on, who does not want to go to Molokai in their lifetime, right? So, again, chalk this up as a maybe as well.

There are a few in the fall I’m looking at, in case I can’t front load this and take my travels in the spring. I know Cyg Harvey is doing one in Aspen in the fall and that would be just darling plus there are a few repeats of some I have taken before (I believe Tillman Crane is going to Dakota in the late summer/fall as well.) Decisions, decisions. All of this and I have barely started digging in the possibilities. Wish me luck making up my mind, right?

If you have any travel plans and you want to to tag along or consider tagging along, please let me know so I can mull over this mess some more before I finally pull the trigger and all. Wish us all luck in this regard, right? And, one last note…I know I said I was going to do a workshop review series, yes, yes, I know I owe you that at some point. Sometime soon, I promise. As soon as I choke that traveling gnome a bit, or at least just enough to get my travel for 2017 plotted out a bit better that is.

Until next time…

PS This one from the Baby Mark, 5D MK II, it was a left over from Seattle. I did mention we made it up to Deception Pass, didn’t I? Yeah, that would be what it looks like from above.

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