Ode to Dust Bunnies AKA Room – Interior View

I really wanted to title this image, “Dust Bunnies Have Risen Up and Taken Over Our Universe. Either that or maybe like we should vacuum more often, eh?” but I figured that was probably just a wee bit too long so instead I went with the more mundane, “Room Interior View.” Boring I know, but there you have it. This was from a house in Dakota. I don’t know why, I’m just in a Dakota mood tonight, so you’re getting some of it too.

Funny story about that house. It had this cabinet in it. The powers that be had told us to, “leave everything exactly as you found it.” At the end of the day, somebody asked, “Were were supposed to open the cabinet again? ‘Cause, like I found it open but then closed it. I wanted a picture of it closed and…” This person was quickly interrupted by another who said, “I found it closed but opened it.” Somebody else, across the room, “I found it open but closed it.” This went back and forth and back again until we had all determined that the cabinet in question had been opened, closed, open again, closed again, open yet again, closed again, open for maybe not even the last time and so on. We think we left it open, “Special Force Dan” probably closed it again but, at this point, your guess is probably as good as mine. If you must know, I think I was in the “found it closed but opened it to photograph it camp” although, if I’m being honest, I must now confess, I probably should have left it closed, as my images of said cabinet were not to my liking. Eh, maybe next time, right? Knowing Dakota (and Special Forces Dan come to think of it) the cabinet’s probably still there. And, probably still closed (or, was that open? Oh darn!) All well and good, it’s only a cabinet, not the end of the world, right?

In other news, I met with the photo group tonight and I’m going to have a piece of work in a show come January. I’m going to have one piece (yes, I know I’m lazy) up at the Corridor of Art in downtown Austin. Details to follow and I know it’s minor but, heck, it’s show news, right? Evidence I have gotten off my butt and done something, oh joy! Possibly a bit more interesting than a cabinet in Dakota that’s now properly closed (or, um, was it open?)

Tonight, we had our annual holiday dinner at the Brickoven Pizza place in Austin. Was a lot of fun. I got to catch up with old friends, meet some new folks (well, new to the group anyway) and eat some yummie rigatoni. Who does not like rigatoni, right? Holiday time brings good cheer. I know it’s been a while since I’ve penned last. Still here, still here, and, um, not trapped in a cabinet in Dakota with some tasty rigatoni (at least not as far as I know anyway.) Processing images, still working on Peru, Dakota, the school house shoots, and Day of the Dead type stuff. Hey, I have been shooting a bit this year, haven’t I? All that and, well, I think I once opened a cabinet in North Dakota.

Cabinets or not, I hope you have a wonderful, magical holiday season, enjoy some good food, catching up with friends, and, yes, go make some pictures too.

Until next cabinet….

PS This one taken with the Canon 5ds and the walkabout lens although, as you can probably tell from the shot, there’s wasn’t much room to walkabout in that place (what with all the cabinets in there and such.)

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