April in July

Went to one of those “pass the pocket wizard” style photo shoots the other day. You know the ones, where they basically setup the lighting and everybody takes a shot at, well, taking a shot. The model (seen here) was April. She was really very good actually, I liked working with her a lot. May have to hire her in the future, if I ever get my portrait project off the ground. She was preparing for a body building type competition and needed some shots for that so she volunteered to pose for us. Was a fun shoot.

The thing about model shoots like this is that, why, I sometimes feel sorry for the models. You could hear the clicking of the shutters, the impressions being made but, poor April, nobody was talking to her. I felt so bad, at one point, I had to just strike up a conversation. I tried to talk a bit, at least to try and give her some feedback. Luckily, she was good about posing and didn’t need a lot of feedback from us but still, talk to your models, people. Models are people too!

Another interesting take away from the shoot was that it wasn’t a true “pass the pocket wizard” style shoot in that we had continuous lighting setup, rather than strobes. Now, I’ll leave the discussions about strobes and strobists and how I feel about all of this for another day but, suffice it to say, I much prefer floods. I like continuous style lighting, what can I say? I just like it better, it fits my style more, and I like working with it so that was good for me. They had a nice portrait ring light that was only about a hundred bucks. May have to pickup one of those in the future, as it was a sweet light and not a lot of clams to bring it home. Of course, this is how they get you, this is how they get us all, right? It’s a crack house in there, they are just really dealers, and we’re the unsuspecting “user community.” (No, really I can quit at any time. Honest! Ok, so maybe not so much.)

Was a fun shoot and I managed to wrangle a few workable shots out of it. Nothing earth shattering but you know I met a nice model and all. Can’t think of a better way to spend part of a day really then playing with my camera, can you? Nope, didn’t think so.

For this, I used the Canon 5DS with the walkabout lens and the existing lighting rig. 

Until next time…

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