Flower Power

“Time and tide waits for no man.” “Seasons change.” We’ve heard the old adages until they become cliche. But, there is more than a glimmer of truth to these old sayings, in particular (as of late) the wisdom that seasons are in fact changing. I can see it on my morning walks, I can see it in the afternoon sunlight, I can see it in the way the sun hangs in the sky just a little bit later each and every evening. Spring is starting to bloom its way into our hearts and minds.

I’ve been visiting my garden center as of late, paying attention to the subtle differences each day brings this time of year. I’ve spotted new growth trees arriving, awaiting planting in the fertile soft soil. I’ve seen the wheelbarrows full of flowers arriving too. First the early arrivals, the pansies and the like, then, slowly, the spring blossoms are starting to arrive, as if by magic, showcasing the vibrant colors this season has to offer. Bright reds and oranges greet me in my garden center now where once barren and dark landscapes did appear mere weeks ago. It’s starting to come alive in there, and I must confess, I’m loving it.

Yes, spring is on its way to my little neck of the woods. I have to say I’ve been enjoying the blooms, although not as much possibly as I should be. I really should get out more time time of year, as it can be nothing short of magical. The red bud trees give way to black eyed susan’s and eventually, if we’re lucky and rain and weather cooperate, fields of Texas bluebonnets grace our landscape. It’s a wonderful time spring is, I hope you get out and enjoy it as best you can. I know I am trying my best, even if I feel at times it’s not good enough, I still try, I still manage to get out as much as I can in this fleeting season. Even a short time in the outdoors is a reward to me these days. It feels so magical and light just to be outside this time of year.

Spring is springing up all over the land. Are you starting to feel it yet? Starting to enjoy it? Here’s hoping this season brings you magical colorful blossoms of your own.

Until next time…

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