Fumbling Towards Abstraction

Lately it seems like I’ve been fumbling towards abstraction. What I mean by that is that my work is becoming increasingly abstract. I find myself more and more wanting to work in the abstract and, perhaps more significantly, am increasingly drawn to abstract work. Looking at “straight” work almost leaves me cold-I want to find abstract in whatever it is that I see. I’ve been increasingly drawn to famous abstract painters, abstract music, abstract lots of stuff.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with abstract work, no, I would have to say this is an interesting twist in my development as an artist. I guess it’s a natural outgrowth from what I’ve been doing all along. It would be difficult to do so much with encaustics and *not* be pushed towards the abstract. Still, it can be a bit hard to swallow. Those of you who knew me when are probably going to be a little bit surprised by this sort of development. I mean, I seriously used to be crispy sharp focused girl, with little to nothing left for the abstract. And, I still do, from time to time, want to shoot straight. It’s important to straighten out once in a while, isn’t it? I guess I want to have one toe left on the “real” but I’m really drawn to abstraction.

Abstraction, you are calling my name.

Until next time…

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