Ladies who Landscape

I happened upon a link today discussing landscape photography, in fact, questioning why there are so few female landscape photographers. Turns out there is a wonderful website called Landscapes by Women which I checked out and thoroughly enjoyed. While the website was wonderful, the issue still remains. Why are there so few women in landscape photography?

In the old days, it used to take a lot to lug a camera around. It’s no coincidence that Ansel Adams had a pack mule! Nowadays, however, we seldom need that much in the way of equipment. Heck, some people are even working with their iPhones. Still the stigma remains. Why so few women? I think it’s not just relegated to the field of photography, I think it’s true in the art world in general but photography is starting to address it, specifically in relation to landscape and outdoor photographers. It’s no longer, or at least it won’t be for much longer, a man’s world, folks. Women are involved in all aspects of career life and choice-everything from holding down some of the most dangerous jobs, to racing fast cars, to running more inanimate objects, like money for banks. Ladies are holding their own and it’s high time we allow them to shine in fields such as the arts and photography in particular. Why should this be a man’s world when women are just as good, if not better (in some ways) then men at the whole communication thing?

So I say, go ahead. Make room on the gallery walls for some ladies. Let us in, we deserve a spot at the table. Seriously, we’re pulling down the work, right? It’s not a question of equipment anymore, no I think it boils down to women don’t like to take as many risks and maybe aren’t as “pushy” about getting their artwork out into the wilds. Men are more go-getters in this regard but that’s ok too, it’s changing, we all know it’s changing. The men are going to have to, as a matter of course, start making room for us women.

I’ve never been one to identify myself as a “female” photography, although I have touched upon more feminine themes in my work. Given that, I do think it’s a good thing, that women are to be more represented, given more gallery shows, maybe the imbalances will finally be addressed. Some women photographers do work that’s so worth seeing, it really should not be denied. Let’s see to it that it doesn’t get denied, shall we?

No, I think it’s time, it’s high time, some ladies had their day to shine. Rather than the typical “ladies who lunch” maybe we can start a field of “ladies who landscape” and do more to promote websites, raise awareness, and just celebrate a women’s voice in photography. When all is said and done, it shouldn’t matter really who took the image, so long as you like it, right? As long as we keep it about the image, about quality, about the craft, I’m all for it. Let’s celebrate, ladies, our time to shine has come!

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  1. Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers
    August 29, 2015 / 12:55 pm

    Thank you for drawing that website to my attention, Carol. I've had a quick look but will enjoy spending more time there over the next day or so. I don't think being a women on the site relates to a more 'feminine' take on landscape photography, just to the fact that these particular photographers are women and, as you say, are perhaps less able to get their work represented elsewhere as the men are. I read an article the other day which showed that women authors who submit their work in the name of a man are more likely to get a positive response for the same piece of work as if they submit it in their own name. And this is not the time of the Bronte sisters, but now. 2015! It's shameful.

  2. Carol
    September 2, 2015 / 2:17 am

    Janice, yes, I totally agree and understand what you are saying. I was just reading another article about how women are underrepresented in photography-everything from editorial work to fine art to, heck, you name it. There are now a lot of groups forming hoping to address this, as it does seem quite unfair. I mean, ladies are doing the work. Seriously, I've seen some very good work come from the ladies camp and there are many successful male photographers but not so many females. Makes me think we are getting the short end of that stick. Hopefully, time and tide will change our wicked ways! Until then though, I hope you like that site. I thought of you when viewing it too as a lot of the work seems to be from rural England (or sort of around your way.) Hope you enjoy!

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